Robert McClory is an Orlando-based wedding photographer with over 25 years in the industry. Over those years, the subjects have changed, from fashion to NBA basketball and everything in between, but one thing has not changed and that's a passion for making the ordinary look extraordinary and bringing out the inherent beauty in every moment. After shooting his way through every situation imaginable for many years, he discovered what has become his one true photographic passion: weddings. A wedding day presents a unique set of opportunities for a photographer experienced in freezing the moments of sporting events and illustrating the beauty of fashion. Weddings are a perfect blend of action, drama and beauty. Robert's journey from photography school to his status now as an award-winning wedding photographer has prepared him to capture your day in a way that is elegant, edgy and sublime. He thrives on the chaos and unpredictability of a wedding day and makes it his mission not only to capture fantastic images, but also to make sure that he is a relaxing, positive influence helping you enjoy the best day of your life.